• Specially Developed For Fragile, Coloured And Bleached Hair, With The Most Advanced Technology In Straightening With 0% Formaldehyde, It Guarantees Straight Hair, Reduces Volume And Frizz; Providing Brightness, Naturalness And Correction Of Yellowish Tones And Color Protection To Any Type Of Hair. Suitable For All Hair Types.
    • Can Be Washed The Same Day.
    • Blend Of Organic Acids Of Plant Origin
    • Blend Of Noble Silicon’s
    • Blend Of 11 Moisturizing Oils From Brazilian Seeds
    • Compatible With All Chemical Procedures.

Keratin = Makes The Wires Healthier, Stronger, And More Beautiful. As It Acts On The Wire’s Structure, Keratin Helps Close The Cuticles And Make The Hair More Homogeneous And Firm. With This Action, It Also Makes The Hair Less Exposed To The Action Of Humidity – Less Frizz Coconut Oil Helps Keep Hair Shiny And Soft, Reduces Frizz In Any Hair Type, And Helps Prevent Split Ends.

Macadamia Oil = Penetrates The Capillary Pores Maintaining The Hydration Of The Wires, Promoting The Reduction Of Frizz, Giving Shine, And Repairing The Natural Elasticity Of The Hair Fiber, Preventing The Wires From Breaking And Splitting Ends. It Is Recommended For Chemically Treated And Damaged Hair.

Grape Seed Oil = Is An Excellent Hair Moisturizer, Especially For Dry Ends. It Also Prevents Hair Loss And Hair Breakage.

Silk Protein = Hydrates And Improves Capillary Elastic Strength, Forming A Film On The Hair, Protecting It Against Aggressive External Agents.

Jasmine Oil = Jasmine Essential Oil Strengthens Hair Growths And Lengths, Providing A Light Moisturizing Layer That Improves Its Elasticity.

Steps To Be Procede:


  • 1) Wash The Cleints Hair With Protein Kera Hydrating Shampoo, If The Hair Clean You Can Skip This Step
  • 2) Split The Hair Into 6 Sections And Apply The Product. Emulsify The Product, Remove With A Comb.
  • 3) Leave The Product For 50-80 Mins Depending On The Hair.
  • 4) Rinse 40-50% Of The Product
  • 5) Blast Dry The Hair With Hot Air
  • 6) Start Ironing By Taking Very Thin, Almost Transparent Strands. Iron Every Section 18-25 Times.
  • 7) Rinse With Water Only And Apply Hydrating Mask To Wet Hair. Let Stand 5-10 Minutes And Rinse With Water. This Will Make The Hair Shinier, Lighter And Better Hydrated.
  • 8) Give The Client Protein Kera Home Care Products For After Care.



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