Protein Kera Power of 5 Intensive Hair Elixir


A blend of five noble oils with antioxidant agents that fight the aging of the hair fibre, providing equilibrate levels of fatty acids and nutrients that strengthen the hair and provide the rejuvenated and healthy appearance of a hair soft, shiny, protected and silky! The botanical and restorative compound of monoi oil, jon oil, castor oil, coconut oil and argan oil is ideal for dry and unruly hair.
As this set of oils deeply moisturizes the hair, reducing the opaque and brittle aspect, in addition to the following individual benefits:

  • Monoi Oil – Detangling action, coats and reduces dry ends and distributes a radiant shine through the hair,
  • Coconut Oil – It has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which improves the health of the scalp; It forms a protective layer on the hair against external damage, such as sun, chlorine, pollution and salt;
  • Argan oil – Renews and protects hair against damage caused by heat, wind, oxidation or excessive brushing and chemicals.
  • Ojon oil – Frizz reduction and restructuring of the strength and resistance of yarns;
  • Castor oil – Helps in strengthening the scalp and hair growth, making them soft and silky


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